My Old Bookshelf is Dusty


My Old Bookshelf

Image credit: ricoramiro

I named the bookshelf picture above ‘My Old Bookshelf’ because I was a prolific reader about a decade ago.  I always had a novel, a self-help, or a how-to book on my desk and a couple magazines in the bedroom.

There wasn’t too much I didn’t enjoy reading.  Why did I read so much?  I enjoy learning. 

In fact, I must continue learning or I won’t know what to do! 

Learning has been a lifelong pursuit.  I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.

Although I don’t read books anymore, I do read text online.  As you can surmise from this blog, I learned a little about digital art and I’m still learning.

Now I’m learning how to create websites and blogs so I’m almost always online.  I have another WordPress blog named Change My Life Fast and I have a site on the Blogger network that’s like this one where I post images I create then tell readers to download the images.

Make sure to post a comment with a link to your blog so I can visit.

The yellow smiley below is a GIF I created about a week ago.  I enjoy Mr. Smiley so I had a lot of fun creating that image.. 😎