SEO Content Writing GIF


SEO Content Writing

This is an image on SEO content writing.  It’s a GIF so it’s fun.

Names of Colors






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Round -n- Round We Go


I like this GIF.  It’s colorful and it goes around and around without getting tired.

Red Abstract Monster Inside Blue Pattern


This is another abstract monster which began as a heart surrounded by a lot of colors.  I have a lot of fun creating these scary digital images.

On this blog there are a couple more abstract monsters.  I began creating these types of images regularly immediately after I learned they were easy to do and a lot of fun.

There’s another colorful abstract monster here.  I understand no one searches for the term ‘abstract monster’ and I don’t care.  If I make enough of them people will eventually find the content online.

Do You Feel as if No One Loves You?

You are lovable

You are Lovable

I read a poem more than twenty-five years ago that really stayed with me throughout the years.  One line of that poem really made a difference in my life.

The line is:

You are a child of the universe.  No less than the trees and stars, you have a right to be here.

That’s powerful prose!  I’m not sure if I placed those particular words of the poem in the correct order, but I am sure those are the words that have been bouncing around in my head for a lifetime.

Don’t ever think you are not lovable.  Someone loves you very much…


Which Way did She Go?

This GIF makes me smile every time I look at it.  It didn’t take long to create the content as I simply inserted the same Image on top then flipped it so it pointed in the opposite direction.


Image Credit ricoramiro

You’re welcome to download the content to use any way you want. All the background images on this blog are free and downloadable.


Robot Got the Shakes


Image Credit ricoramiro

The robot in this post appears to have the shakes.  Maybe he had too much to drink last night 😎

Red and Blue Arrows Go Round and Round


Image Credit: ricoramiro PicsArt

I just finished creating this GIF and I had so much fun I’m still smiling. 

Check out this image made with #PicsArt by me at